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H1B work visa: finding the right employee for the job

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2022 | Immigration

Finding the right candidate for a position at your Florida organization can become complicated when you require the advanced skills of a highly-educated, experienced employee. If you have exhausted your local talent pool, you may have another option.

According to the USCIS, if you require specialized skills and cannot find them among the domestic workforce, you may hire a non-citizen through an H1B visa.

What is an H1B visa?

The purpose of this visa revolves around allowing the hire of foreign employees by United States organizations that require particular knowledge in a specialty occupation. Once your company receives approval for the visa, the employee may work for three years before it comes up for renewal. If you wish the employee to stay at the end of six years, they must secure a green card.

Who can you sponsor?

Since the H1B visa is a work visa, it requires sponsorship by an employer. You must show that the employee you sponsor adds considerable value to the company. The individual must also have specific qualifications, depending on the type of position, such as a bachelor’s degree or higher and specialized training.

Before searching for a candidate, you must complete and submit paperwork and obtain approval for the visa. The U.S. accepts a limited number of H1B visas and conducts a lottery if the number of petitions exceeds the cap. If selected for the lottery, the government will process your petition, and if not, it sends back the application and fees to you.

Determining your needs, posting the position and finding a temporary international employee is often a complex process. Understanding your options and the best way to move forward is critical for finding the individual who best meets your needs.