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Protect Your Business’s Intellectual Property

Every successful business starts with a good idea, which leads to more good ideas. In legal terms, these unique and foundational ideas are called intellectual property (IP). Safeguarding your business’s cutting-edge product or service includes protecting trademarks, copyrights, client lists and more. Once your business builds a client base and gains a foothold in the marketplace, you must watch out for your IP assets to keep them profitable.

IP law is not only about registering trademarks and enforcing copyrights, it is also about making the right choices as you design those trademarks and create copyrighted creative works. I am Maria Parjus, a Florida-based business law attorney located in Broward County and serving clients worldwide. With more than 25 years of experience, I can professionally advise you on all aspects of IP protection.

Why IP Is So Vital To Your Business’s Success

Think about it: If a fire or hurricane destroys some of your business assets, you may be able to collect insurance benefits, rebuild and eventually resume normal operations.

However, if you lose control over the unique ideas or products that are central to your company, then your business may lose its foothold in the marketplace. If you lose your trademarks or copyrights, it may be difficult to regain the momentum that your business’s success depends on.

IP is a critical component of ongoing viability for a business. This may be especially true for e-commerce where competition is intense and fraud is so common. Perhaps you wish to sell things as a vendor on an e-commerce platform. I can help you register your trademark — as is required by Amazon and other online marketplaces — with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

A Boutique Law Firm For Entrepreneurs

I have helped many entrepreneurs and business owners throughout Florida and internationally protect their most valuable assets through a variety of legal means, including the creation, registration and enforcement of trademarks. I can provide legal counsel as you establish your IP and help you register e-commerce trademarks for protection or seek help enforcing them.

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