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Efficient, Tailored Legal Services For Florida Businesses

At Parjus Law, business and commercial clients can expect to receive individualized solutions to their legal challenges. I am business law attorney Maria Parjus, and I look forward to helping you discover the most effective ways to start, operate and grow your business with all appropriate legal protections in place. My business clients appreciate my concierge-style approach. With 25 years of experience behind me, I instill confidence in my business clients while working tirelessly to meet individual needs.

While most of my business clients are in or near Broward County, Florida, I also accept cases from individuals and entities elsewhere. I regularly help entrepreneurs and established business personnel establish corporate structures, settle disputes between business partners, collect on debts, register trademarks for e-commerce, write service agreements for independent contractors, enact privacy policies, complete mergers and acquisitions, and navigate nondisclosure agreements.

Create And Execute Contracts And Agreements That Suit Your Business

My business and corporate clients often seek advice as they design and implement agreements for the sale of shares, the sale of companies and other high-stakes transactions. I interpret the terms of contracts for my clients, translating complex legalese into accessible language to ensure they can make informed decisions. From the beginning to the completion of any business transaction, I provide valuable guidance and assistance.

In addition to assisting clients with general business matters, I also provide legal representation for businesses as they work to immigrate employees from Latin America and elsewhere to the U.S. With law degrees in both the U.S. and Venezuela, I am capable of providing fully bilingual counsel as needed.

Referrals And Other Business Personnel Are Welcome

My boutique law firm for businesses regularly receives referrals from other industry professionals. In particular, accountants and certified public accountants (CPAs) often send their business clients to my firm for help facilitating service agreements and the sale of company stocks.

I look forward to providing you with recommendations on how to achieve your business goals. To schedule a consultation with no further obligation, call my Weston, Florida, law offices at 954-603-7249 or complete a simple inquiry form. I hope to hear from you soon.

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