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Can disabled persons take the naturalization test?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Immigration

The immigration process might intimidate you, especially if you experience disabilities that interfere with your mobility and comprehension. Fortunately, you can still participate in the naturalization test and you can also request modifications.

Communicating honestly and openly with testing officials can provide a clear understanding of what to expect. Regardless of your condition, you deserve a fair chance to complete any testing procedures required during the immigration process.


Testing accommodations can include a number of assists that improve your overall experience. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, testing modifications include the following:

  • Sign language and interpreters
  • Extended examination time
  • Nonverbal communication exceptions
  • Breaks during testing
  • Assistance and accompaniment of family members

Utilizing the services provided, you can have the confidence of completing your test safely, efficiently and with an adequate understanding of testing concepts.


Never assume that because you need modifications and have evidence of their necessity, testing officials will comply. Prior to your test, contact the appropriate party to request the modifications you need. They may ask for medical records or other documents to verify your condition. Having these steps completed ahead of time will alleviate your stress on the testing day and also prevent the disappointment of not being able to test because of inadequate resources.

You can work with testing facilities in your area to learn about how to prepare. Knowing what subjects you will test on can also help you identify the areas you should practice the most. Once you complete your test, you will receive further instructions that will direct you to your next steps.