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Preventing And Resolving Business Disputes

The best approach to business disputes is to steer clear of them from the start. That philosophy is at the heart of my business law firm in Weston, north of Miami. I am business law attorney Maria Parjus, and I help business owners and partners avoid and resolve disputes. My clients include individuals and organizations throughout Broward County and statewide, as well as clients located out of state and internationally that do business in Florida.

Wherever my clients are in the world, I make it my priority to not only assist them, but also truly care for them. I devote time and attention at the beginning of attorney-client relationships to identify problem areas and devise tailor-made solutions that I can recommend without hesitation.

Stop Disputes Before They Arise

I help many businessmen and women avoid disputes by providing valuable legal guidance on business formation and business operating agreements. I can draft foolproof agreements for my clients or review agreements that have already been drafted and offer professional feedback.

As a valuable preventive measure, I also help companies draft and finalize corporate bylaws designed to prevent common disagreements and organizational problems. My clients’ strong operating agreements spell out how the business will operate, what the role of each business partner or member of the board of directors will be, and how business disputes will be resolved if they do arise.

When Disputes Develop, Then What?

While I firmly believe in the value of preventing disputes before they arise, I do also assist clients in settling ongoing business disputes. In such a case, I typically start by reviewing the guidelines in their operating agreements. In most situations, dispute resolution will involve one or all of the following:

  • Holding a meeting between the business partners to resolve conflicts and end the dispute.
  • If problems persist after the partners meet, we may then move to mediation and/or arbitration.
  • While resolving a dispute in court is almost never in anyone’s best interests, I will represent clients in court if necessary.

The vast majority of my business clients find successful resolutions through negations or mediation. Occasionally, my clients and their partners may decide that a dissolution or “business divorce” is necessary if they cannot come to an agreement or move forward together in a constructive manner.

At all times, I work hard to protect my clients’ assets and interests using preventive measures, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, company dissolution and other tactics.

Get Answers And Resolutions Now

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