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Legal Guidance For Company Mergers And Business Acquisitions

I am business law attorney Maria Parjus, and I am pleased that you are considering my boutique firm. Tailoring my business law services to each client’s unique needs — including mergers and acquisitions — is an integral aspect of the concierge experience that I provide to clients at Parjus Law.

From my law offices in Weston, I help new and established business owners throughout the Miami metro area and the state of Florida when they are ready to merge with other businesses or acquire new businesses to diversify their operations. My clients also include out-of-state and international business owners who have expansion plans involving the Florida market.

About Your Company’s Planned Merger Or Acquisition

I primarily cater to owners of small and medium-sized businesses. My clients who are preparing to merge their businesses often have plans such as:

  • Starting a new business
  • Purchasing another business
  • Selling their interests in or ownership of a business
  • Combining two or more businesses in a merger

I can help draft, interpret, revise and formalize all of the appropriate sales documents and restructured operational agreements. As necessary, I can also help you avoid or resolve any disputes that may arise.

Many of my business clients are located internationally and need legal guidance when purchasing a U.S. business or merging their international business. I regularly assist with international mergers and acquisitions, as well as transactions between Florida-based companies.

Turn To Parjus Law For Help With Your Business Transaction

Some of the many reasons that clients seek out my services for mergers and acquisitions include the following:

  • I offer virtual meetings and flexible scheduling. While much of my communication with clients is conducted virtually, clients always have my full attention and access to customized legal solutions.
  • I demonstrate genuine understanding and care as I help clients pursue their expansion and reorganization goals.
  • As a bilingual attorney, I can facilitate mergers and acquisitions that involve both English- and Spanish-speaking business personnel, customers or clients.
  • Holding law degrees in both Florida and my home country of Venezuela, I am well-prepared to assist both local and international businesses with their mergers and acquisitions.
  • I provide affordable concierge-style legal services to ensure my clients’ needs are met at every step of the process.
  • I value prompt and clear communication, always responding quickly to client needs and explaining complex legal concepts in more approachable terms for their benefit.

I hope to have the opportunity to explain more precisely how my skills and experience can be assets for your business merger or acquisition. To schedule a consultation, call 954-603-7249 or complete a simple online form with no obligation.

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