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4 common sources of partnership disputes

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2024 | Business Disputes

Starting a business with partners can be extremely rewarding. However, partnerships can also lead to disputes when visions, values or business objectives no longer align.

Recognizing the most common sources of partnership disputes can help you potentially mitigate the risks.

1. Poor communication

Lack of proper, ongoing communication is one of the biggest reasons partnerships fail. Partners may not fully align on business strategy, financial goals, roles and responsibilities. Without open communication channels, resentments can build and partnerships can dissolve.

2. Unclear partnership agreements

Partnership agreements outline equity splits, decision-making ability, partner roles and exit strategy. However, many partnerships start without clearly defining these terms in a written agreement. When unstated expectations aren’t met or the business evolves, it strains the partnership.

3. Unequal contributions

Partners often bring different skills and resources to a business. When one partner ends up contributing more capital, expertise or “sweat equity,” tension can arise. Ensuring that both sides perceive each other’s contributions and compensation as fair is key.

4. Competing visions

Even partners who share common values and goals at the outset can develop diverging visions as business needs and priorities shift. Disagreements may emerge over growth trajectory, target customers, new opportunities or risk tolerance. Without aligning on vision, partnerships can falter.

Partnerships have their advantages, but they also need nurturing and proactive care. Give your business its best chance by recognizing the most common sources of business partnership disputes so that you can take steps in advance to address them. Proactive efforts will help you build a stronger foundation for your business.